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Amazon is a huge opportunity in e-commerce with millions of visitors every month and lot of traffic. Selling on Amazon is a considerable showcase for sellers on the internet and represents a real opportunity. To carry out their sales project, sellers face a crucial step: sourcing.

Several steps are important in the procurement process:

To fail or omit one of these steps is to compromise one’s entire activity. Sellers cannot afford to market poorly negotiated or unverified merchandise upstream or downstream.


Here are the different obstacles that usually make sellers fail:

Quality of the products

Do you trust manufacturers 100%? This does not prevent the control because you do not have a guarantee as to the quality of the goods without inspection.

Be in compliance with customs

No certainty about the CE certifications provided by the factories and impossibility for some to carry out their own certifications.


Samples are expensive because suppliers test the seriousness of foreign sellers. Ordering several samples is very expensive and is done under several shipments (no consolidation possible).

Cultural and linguistic differences

Communication is done in English and the risk of misunderstanding one's expectations is present.

Jet lag

6 to 7 hours of jet lag depending on the period reduces the chances of communicating live and lengthens the periods of discussions with suppliers.

Long and expensive shipments

transport by air, train or boat offered by suppliers is often long and expensive. Manufacturers are not freight forwarders and do not offer optimal solutions.

Our advantages

In order to allow you to concentrate on your development, RM Sourcing allows you to manage all the stages of sourcing:



Based on customer requirements (dimensions, materials, product photos) we find the factory that will be able to manufacture the desired product). Negotiations are done in Chinese and our clients' expectations are transcribed into the local language for a clear understanding.



Get better costs for your samples with the ability to get photos/videos very quickly after production for a quick remote evaluation that meets your requirements (functionality, aesthetics, dimensions, logo location, etc.). Then opt for a shipment to your home for an evaluation by you. If you receive multiple samples from different suppliers, we can bundle them into one package and send them to you by mail.



Accompanied by the pattern of the packaging from the factory, you will affix your design upstream using your graphic designer or software. You can also define your packaging by providing your own pattern and ideas.



At the end of production, we send one or more quality inspectors on site to carry out a partial or complete inspection of the goods to ensure the quantity, conformity, functionality and packaging of the products in case of batches for example. An inspection report is issued at the end of the tests.



consolidate your samples and merchandise from different factories in our warehouses before shipment and for the need of your group shipments or the creation of your kits. We can arrange the grouping, packaging, and labeling of multiple products according to Amazon's guidelines.



we offer you different types of transport (air, train, boat, truck) for shipping your goods directly to Amazon's warehouses, a third-party warehouse (3PL) or a residential address.

Working system

Send us your request

Email us what you want to purchase

Start sourcing in China

Search for products in China according to your request

Send you a quote

Offer you a better price after sourcing

Verification of samples

You can check the samples before placing your order.

Mass production

Confirm the invoice and then start production.

Quality control

Quality control of your goods and updating.

Stock preparation

Pack goods according to Amazon's rules.


Check the shipping costs, send your goods to the FBA.

Amazon services


We identify the right manufacturers for your products. We negotiate the terms of payment and quality.


We buy and compare samples from different manufacturers. We provide product feedback and prepare visuals.

test produit chine sourcing

Quality control

We inspect your products in the factory to ensure compliance with the specifications.


We manage the customization of your products, packaging and all the marketing documents to insert in your boxes to improve your customer experience.


We make sure to comply with Amazon’s labeling requirements for your products: SKU labels, batch labels, suffocation warning, carton labels.


We organize the transport of your goods to the warehouses of Amazon, 3PL or others.


Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we are able to get customizations of products and packaging.

Our payments are made by bank transfers in EUR, USD or GBP. We have multi-currency accounts. The delay will depend on your bank or money transfer service you use.

MoQs depend on the products but also on the conditions of the different manufacturers.

We are your contact with suppliers, from start to finish. So you deal directly with us in French and we manage the communication in Chinese with the manufacturers. Payments are made to our entity in EUR, USD or GBP and we pay Chinese factories in Yuan (RMB).

We issue invoices for the services rendered (sourcing, QC, shipping,..) and against payment we organize research, production, preparation and if you opt for, shipping to Amazon warehouses.

We are not specialized and we work with different types of companies and products.

We negotiate directly with the factories and represent the intermediary agent between the manufacturers and the European companies using our sourcing services.

We work with a multitude of manufacturers because we are solicited for the search for different products and this in different categories. We are therefore often led to look for new suppliers. Our supplier portfolio is therefore variable.

For each request for a quote, we send a detailed pricing including the cost of the products, the cost of local transport, the additional processing costs, etc. As a business provider at manufacturers and facilitator, we negotiate a small percentage on the total cost of the order. The prices of the factories that are transmitted to you therefore include our remuneration.

The controls are carried out in the factory, before shipment of the goods by the manufacturer (also during production possible). Beforehand, we list together all the points to check that are very important for your product. Each point will be notified and scrupulously checked.

We also carry out quality checks of the goods during the preparation and packaging of your packages if it is done on our premises.

You must be able to order a minimum of 500 units for your personalized product.

Absolutely, we can have all your marketing elements designed and printed to add to your packaging.

We can get different rates from several factories, depending on the interesting offers and especially the manufacturers who can meet our conditions, product details, etc.

We can manage the shipment of your goods and check the rates with the different carriers and this by boat, train, truck and plane.

Our average time varies depending on the period, the requests and their complexity. In some cases, we can return within 48 hours for a common product, without technical changes and a simple need for customization such as branding. On the other hand, it takes us several days for more complex products or multi-product requests.

We do not have a catalogue. Our partners provide us with product information and we look for these products in the Chinese market.

Of course, we can send you samples to your address for verification. Beforehand, we may also send you visuals of your samples with our feedback.

Once the goods have been produced and checked, they can be shipped directly from the factory to the desired destination address. For the shipping time, it varies depending on the mode of transport: Air cargo:
about 2 weeks (13-14 days)
Boat: about a month (35-40 days)
Train: about a month (30-35 days)


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