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Build a reliable and serious business by sourcing quality, controlled products and offer reasonable shipping times to your customers

Ready to make your e-commerce store last and take it to the next level?

Today’s online shoppers expect fast and reliable shipping. Upon receipt of their order, the customer experience takes great precedence in the satisfaction of your customers. And this is the consequence of good packaging, beautiful packaging, a quality product and small attentions such as a thank you card, a leaflet, etc.

We offer international shipping rates with express deliveries. Our services allow you to achieve your goals, professionalize your business and transform your dropshipping store into a successful e-commerce.

Offer your customers a better online shopping experience and sustain your business over time. Put an end to pop-up shops!


Here are the different obstacles that usually make sellers fail:

Quality of the products

Do you trust manufacturers 100%? This does not prevent the control because you do not have a guarantee as to the quality of the goods without inspection.

Be in compliance with customs

No certainty about the CE certifications provided by the factories and impossibility for some to carry out their own certifications.


Samples are expensive because suppliers test the seriousness of foreign sellers. Ordering several samples is very expensive and is done under several shipments (no consolidation possible).

Cultural and linguistic differences

Communication is done in English and the risk of misunderstanding one's expectations is present.

Jet lag

6 to 7 hours of jet lag depending on the period reduces the chances of communicating live and lengthens the periods of discussions with suppliers.

Long and expensive shipments

transport by air, train or boat offered by suppliers is often long and expensive. Manufacturers are not freight forwarders and do not offer optimal solutions.

Concentrez-vous sur votre marketing, ne vous souciez plus du sourcing et de la logistique

Our advantages

In order to allow you to concentrate on your development, RM Sourcing allows you to manage all the stages of sourcing:
Reduce your after-sales service


Did you know that half of after-sales service problems in e-commerce are related to delivery times? Our agency is specialized in logistics and we offer reliable and traceable delivery methods, faster than on AliExpress. Therefore, it means a lot less disputes and deadlocks.



Opt for fast delivery between 5 and 7 working days and a tracking number from a local carrier (Colissimo, Royal mail, USPS, etc.). Your customers do not need to know what time your parcels left the airport in China. Just as they would not like to see Chinese inscriptions on the packing slips on their package.

Your brand


Impossible on Aliexpress, to personalize its product and its packaging. In 2022, it is very important to insist on the branding and the perceived value of its products in order to obtain a good customer experience. To stay alive, stores must take the step and create a real brand image.



Securely store enough units to cover sales over the next few days and respond quickly to shipping needs. Do not make the wait for your customers last, ship faster thanks to a stock available and ready for shipment.



Source quality products, have your stock checked, and don't take the risk of sending low-quality products to your customers, or even worse, products that don't match the visuals on your product pages.

Be in good standing


Did you also know that in France, we have the obligation to deliver within 30 days under penalty of being illegal. Few people are aware of this but it is actually illegal to exceed these 30 days of delivery time.

Why us ?


Adieu les fichiers Excel

Automatisez le traitement de vos commandes grâce à notre ERP. Nous consultons automatiquement vos commandes au jour le jour pour leur traitement. Il suffit d’installer un plugin sur votre boutique et nous gérons le reste.

En effet, nul besoin d’extraire vos fichiers de commandes. Nous intégrons également les numéros de suivi de chaque commande dans le système, qui sont ainsi transmis à votre boutique et viennent confirmer et traiter les commandes automatiquement dans votre boutique. Et oui, vous n’avez plus besoin d’intervenir 😎

Concernant les numéros de suivi, nous proposons un tracking qui ne révèle pas les informations liées au départ de la Chine, mais seulement au niveau local.

ERP dropshipping


contrat agent dropshipping

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Working system

Send us your request

Email us what you want to purchase

Start sourcing in China

Search for products in China according to your request

Send you quotes

Offer you a better price after sourcing

Verification of samples

You can check the samples before placing your order.

Mass production

Confirm the invoice and then start production.

Quality control

Quality control of your goods and updating.

Stock preparation

Goods are ready for orders fulfilment from China.


Thanks to our ERP, we prepare and fulfil your daily orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some examples of the main countries:
France: 5 to 7 working days.
United Kingdom: 4 to 6 working days.
USA: 6 to 8 working days.

Our payments are made by bank transfers in EUR, USD or GBP. We have multi-currency accounts. The delay will depend on your bank or money transfer service you use.

Our payments are made by bank transfers in EUR, USD or GBP. We have multi-currency accounts. The delay will depend on your bank or money transfer service you use.

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The controls are carried out in the factory, before shipment of the goods by the manufacturer. Beforehand, we list together all the points to check that are very important for your product. Each point will be listed and scrupulously checked.
We also carry out quality checks of the goods during the preparation and packaging of your packages.

Absolutely, we can have all your marketing elements designed and printed to add to your packaging.


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