Packaging and labelling

How can packaging and labeling affect your sales? 

The purpose of product packaging goes beyond physical protection. Packaging is an essential part of your marketing strategy. It helps promote your brand and provides essential information about the product. In this article, we highlight some of the things to consider when choosing design packaging and labeling. We also discuss the importance of a good packaging strategy and its effects on your business.

We may not judge a book by its cover, but we definitely judge a product by its packaging! 

In a world where hundreds of companies sell the same products, it is through excellent marketing strategy that some stand out from the rest. And one of the most important marketing elements that sets your product apart is “packaging”. The packaging is the first point of interaction between your brand and your audience or potential customers. It is the first impression the customer will have of your product, so why not make the most of it?

Packaging / wrapping:

Packaging and labeling are excellent marketing tools, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. Unless you are already an established brand, you will want to optimize this effective marketing tool to get your brand noticed. Sometimes e-tailers or novice importers don’t pay enough attention to this aspect. Yet, a unique packaging design can greatly influence your customers’ purchasing decisions when it is highlighted.  

The primary function of packaging is to ensure that the product reaches the customer safely. It is supposed to protect the goods from shocks, vibrations (especially during shipping and transportation) and environmental elements (dust, humidity, etc.). It also reduces costs by grouping smaller items in one package (hyperlinked consolidation). However, packaging serves other important purposes beyond the physical protection of products. Packaging design is a mix of shape, material, color, typography and regulatory information that helps promote and market a product. 

To choose a packaging, you need to know your products and what customers expect from them, then you need to set a budget before choosing a packaging design. Packaging design includes: 

  • Marketing research to understand real market trends and consumer preferences. 

  • The choice of material according to the type of product (cardboard box, wood, plastic, aluminum, etc.).
  • The shape, size, dimensions, weight and layering of the packaging. 

All of these elements require close collaboration with your marketing department, supplier, packaging design agency or procurement agent.



Labeling includes certain product information on the package. For example: composition, ingredient, size or quantity, use, safety instructions, bar codes and other details about the manufacturer or importer in case the customer wants to know more about the product. Please note that any misrepresentation or exaggeration of product information may be subject to legal action.

Labeling must comply with certain legal requirements and country policies that require companies and manufacturers to present certain information on product labels. For example, for certain goods imported into France, it is mandatory to have a descriptive label in French.

Since labeling is an integral part of package design, customizing your label design will help distinguish your product. When choosing a label design, you should consider the following:

  • Type of label depending on the product: engraving, embossing, carving, laser printing, …. 
  • Color(s) of the label.
  • Printing style (font and font size).
  • Location of the label. 

Labeling and packaging design are especially important if you source ‘white label’ products for your e-business or as an Amazon reseller. White label products are generic products that you import to sell under your brand name. For decades, China has been the number one country for importing white label products (link China sourcing). In this case, customizing your product can greatly enhance your brand identity and therefore your online sales.

Before any packaging and labeling decisions are made, you need to ensure that your manufacturer is capable of meeting your packaging requirements. Unless your manufacturer has a subcontractor who makes packaging, you must find a packaging manufacturer yourself or through your sourcing agent.

With RM sourcing, we make sure that the packaging matches your initial design. We offer you the possibility to choose custom designs for your packaging and labeling. You can also add personalized thank you notes, gift cards or other little surprises to provide a better experience for your customers. For sourcing and packaging consultations, or to learn more about our agency: (home)

RM China sourcing is your sourcing agent that can help you source and manufacture your products in China. We are a team of French-Chinese experts who work with e-tailers, such as Amazon sellers, importers and other companies. If you have any questions about sourcing in China, please contact us at

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