Increase your revenues by avoiding stock-outs

If you are not able to meet your customers’ demands due to a stockout, nothing will stop them from going to a competitor. Regardless of the size of your business, lost sales over a period of time can have serious consequences. While overstocking can impact your profitability, being out of stock is an even worse situation for any merchant. This is because in the latter case you cannot make any profit. However, profitability is not the only factor at stake. A stockout is also an inability to meet customer needs, which has a negative impact on your reliability as a company or business. Businesses of all sizes need to be equipped with an effective inventory management system and inventory forecasting to find the right balance between out-of-stocks and overstocks. Part of good inventory management is knowing the market demand for a product and where to store goods until they are sold. To do this, you need to find a warehouse that suits your needs and is ideally located near your source of supply. Without a warehouse, some products will sit on store shelves for years, taking the place of newer products

Outsourcing your storage helps you:

● Speed up the shipping process: depending on the type of warehouse, your orders can be processed directly at the warehouse and delivered to your customers in any corner of the world.

● Protecting merchandise (warehousing protects your merchandise from loss or damage).

● Consolidate products more easily.

If, like many retailers, you have decided to import your goods from China, you may want to consider using Chinese warehouses, which are actually more cost effective. To find a warehouse, you should know that different warehouses offer different services and many do nothing more than store your goods. Your Chinese sourcing agent is usually the place where you can find warehousing, packaging and logistics services in one place. A sourcing agent can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent looking for a warehouse on your own.

With our Chinese warehousing services at RM sourcing agency, you can enjoy many services that include:

✔ Collecting samples of your merchandise from all your suppliers, consolidating them in a box and delivering them for your quality control and inspection (QC item).

Pick up your merchandise and orders from Chinese manufacturing centers. 

(In case you decide to purchase different products from different suppliers, our warehousing services can pick up your goods from all your manufacturing centers to ensure uniform delivery).

✔ Store your merchandise (our shelving allows the storage of small or large products).

✔Order custom designed packaging (boxes or containers of all sizes and dimensions).

✔Add a custom label to your packages (place your own custom design labels of any type in addition to the personalized documents to be included in the packages) (link article packaging and labeling).

✔Inspect the condition of your goods before and after packaging (to learn more about quality control inspection, follow the link, article on quality control).

✔Logistics services (to ensure that all your goods are shipped from a central location)

✔Possibility to track your inventory (follow the link logistics article).

To learn more about our Chinese warehouse and storage, or for free consultations, visit (link home page).

RM China sourcing is your sourcing agent that can help you source and manufacture your products in China. We are a team of French-Chinese experts who work with e-tailers, such as amazon sellers, importers and other companies. If you have any questions about sourcing in China, please contact us at:

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