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SourcingLearn more
Sourcing to China from abroad presents many difficulties. How do we find the right factory for our needs, ensure the quality of the products and buy at the right price? Is the manufacturer reliable and what are the delivery times? As sourcing experts, our Chinese buyers can source your products at the best value for money.
Quality controlLearn more
Controlling and inspecting your products is vital to your business. Don’t buy blindly anymore, the risk of reselling products without control can affect your reputation, initiate litigation and close your shop! Do you want to check the quality of your products before they leave China? We check your products according to your criteria.
PackagingLearn more
Do you want to stand out and offer a real customer experience? We can help you increase the perceived value of your product. If you have a brand, it is necessary to offer unique packaging and personalized documents such as instructions for use. Also surprise your customers with a flyer or a thank you card. It’s up to you!
StorageLearn more
Do you want to optimize your costs or have stock in advance to speed up the preparation of your packages? Would you like to stock up on packaging or personalised documents for your future orders? We can store your products in our secure warehouse. This allows you the flexibility to manage your inventory effectively.
ConsolidationLearn more
Do you sell different types of products from different suppliers and want to group them together in a single packaging or package? It’s possible. After inspection and packaging, we pack the items together to avoid sending multiple packages, also allowing the optimization of transport costs.
LogisticsLearn more
In order to satisfy your customers, you need to be able to process orders on a daily basis as quickly as possible, select the paratransit partner and take care of the transport formalities in China. Focus on your business and we’ll take care of the rest! Responsive and daily, we prepare and ship your parcels with care.

Our advantages

Our team
Experienced multilingual team. Together, we discuss your needs in English and our Chinese team members take care of communicating and managing your needs in Chinese.
As a 3PL, we can receive, stock your goods and fulfil your orders directly from China if you have an online e-commerce. Alternatively, we can also ship your stock to your country.
As an account manager, we assist you in your supply chain as your agent in China by managing your orders, organising qualtity controls and the shipping of your goods.
Brand creation. We customise your products, packaging and marketing elements.

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Source your products with better quality and better price
Optimize and reduce the delivery times for your customers
Personalize your packages and increase the perceived value
Easily check the quality of your products before delivery

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