Don’t leave your Amazon reviews in the hands of Chinese manufacturers

Amazon = e-commerce opportunity. Millions of visitors every month and lots of traffic. Selling on Amazon is a considerable showcase for internet sellers and represents a real business opportunity: the marketing and sale of products online. To successfully complete their sales project, sellers face a crucial step: sourcing.

Several steps are important in the procurement process:

You need to identify the right supplier
Check your product (sample)
Negotiate prices and purchasing conditions.
Organize production and quality control.
Failing or omitting one of these steps compromises your entire activity. Sellers cannot afford to market merchandise that is poorly negotiated or not verified upstream and downstream.

ProblemsHere are the different obstacles that usually cause sellers to fail:

Cultural and linguistic differencesEnglish communication may lead to misunderstandings

Time difference6 to 7 hours’ gap hinders direct communication and extends discussion

SamplingSuppliers’ reliability testing makes multiple sample orders costly and complex

Compliance with customsUncertainty about factory CE certifications and limitations

Quality of the goodsLack of trust in manufacturers necessitates inspections for assurance

Quality of goodsTrust issues with manufacturers necessitate inspections for assurance

SolutionsTo allow you to concentrate on your development, RM Sourcing allows you to manage all stages of sourcing:


Factory identification and negotiations:Based on customer requirements, we find the factory and negotiate in Chinese, ensuring clear understanding.

How it works

Contact usBook a call with our agency to explain us your needs.

FormFill in our questionnaire or send us your product specifications sheet.

SourcingOur team start sourcing your product(s) based on your detailed specifications

ReportFollowing our research, we submit you our detailed sourcing report with a panel of factories, costs, production times and conditions

SamplingLet’s select the interesting factories and purchase samples. We can collect samples in our office, take pictures and video and then send them to you at your address

Mass productionIf the samples are good enough to launch the first production, we document and summarize all details in Chinese about your future product with the manufacturer to organize the production

Quality controlWe prepare a QC specification sheet prior to quality control to inform the auditor how and what to control on your product, to make sure about your goods’ compliance. We book the date in cooperation with the auditor and the factory. We follow-up until completion and make sure all unvalid products are replaced.

ShippingWe check and collect shipping quotes for your shipment to organize the shipping of your goods to any address, including Amazon warehouses in the world

We offer a turnkey solution, from finding the factory to transporting your goods.Using an agent saves Amazon sellers considerable time and effort so they can focus their efforts on their marketing and brand building. You can benefit from our services thanks to our French-speaking contacts who understand the ins and outs of your business. Our Franco-Chinese team bridges the gap between you and China.


What are your deadlines?
Our average time varies depending on the period, requests and their complexity. In certain cases, we can return within 24 to 48 hours for a simple product, without technical modifications and a simple need for customization such as branding. However, we need several days for more complex products or multi-product requests.